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Although Republican Instagram still runs on obscene normalcy, the loss to Obama in 2012 spurred the Republican National Committee to attempt a different direction when it underwent a self-imposed “autopsy,” releasing a report called “The Growth and Opportunity Project.” The million initiative tried overwriting the party’s image to “communicate their principles” in a broader, digital form they hoped could appeal to African-American, Latino, Asian, women and gay voters.

Fittingly, landscapes are a staple, packaged with a sense of meditative quiet, awe, or as the backdrop to an inspo quote from Psalm 33.

But this is no way precludes them from being at the same time proud landowners …

Their enjoyment of ‘uncorrupted and unperverted nature’ did not usually include the nature of other men.” On Republican Instagram, “Blood and Soil” has been transposed into the idiom of genial, familiar awkwardness: Paul Ryan’s strained half-grin seems photoshopped across shots of him fishing, biking, posing for family portraits, lifting a dark brew in a green tie on St. He wears square-toed slip-ons, pats a New Balance factory worker on the back, and leans against a screen showing the words — captioned “Few things in life are more exciting than a wonky powerpoint presentation.” There’s the notorious selfie-stick photo with Capitol Hill interns, who appear to be about 99 percent white, bearing a striking resemblance to Jack Torrance and company at the Overlook Hotel’s July Fourth Ball, 1921.

Photo-sharing media have taken over in some ways for the family mantelpiece, but screen displays operate according to different assumptions and rely on different visual codes.

People are not only consuming images but producing them apace, while registering public responses to them in image-chat, using them conversationally on a scale far beyond what would’ve been elicited by mail or in its place at home.

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