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But to many Singaporeans, the SDU's focus on "educated" singles is nothing short of social engineering: an effort to preserve the current racial balance between the city's Chinese majority and the Malays, who tend to be less educated.The SDU provides subsidized mixers, trips, and computer matchmaking services to college-educated Singaporeans.Karen Ralls-Tan remembers a time when her dating prospects were bleak."It was just hard to meet people," says the 31-year-old civil servant."When I went out with my friends, we didn't meet that many men."Her solution – turning to Singapore's largest dating service – was hardly odd for a busy young professional.

Also on MSN: Best Dating Apps to Download Now If you want to be sure you've got more than just proximity in common with whoever you're going out with, Ok Cupid might be the app for you.Attempts to access the dating portal inside Singapore will lead to this message: Only Singapore residents who have installed a VPN will be able to bypass the ban.Unless authorities permit Singaporean ISPs to unblock the site.launch in Singapore later in November after it set foot in Hong Kong, Japan and India during the summer." data-reactid="17"The Canadian company recently announced its intention to launch in Singapore later in November after it set foot in Hong Kong, Japan and India during the summer.Facebook page endorsing a ban, which attracting over 26,000 ‘likes’." data-reactid="18"The upcoming Singapore launch attracted howls of disapproval among conservative Singaporeans, who even set up a Facebook page endorsing a ban, which attracting over 26,000 ‘likes’.While the site may be blocked, that may not stop the company from registering a local entity or conducting marketing activities in Singapore.

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The problem is often stated in terms of national security: Fewer marriages "impede efforts at nationbuilding and may even threaten the country's survival," says one SDU brochure.

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