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If you are, be careful that you don’t fall for the wrong one.

Some guys seem perfect at first, but then, little by little, their true nature begins to emerge, so to avoid the pain and heartache of getting too involved with the wrong type of man, here are ten types of men that you should definitely avoid dating.1.

From the socially inept guy to the guy who can't keep it in his pants, it's a wonder to me how anyone meets their dream guy on this thing.

What I've discovered as a single sleuth on Tinder is, there are a hell of a lot of guys on dating apps, and most of them aren't worth your time.

I don't have documented evidence of this guy because, well, he ghosted me, and I deleted the conversation, so I'd never have to get sad by looking at it again.

This guy is probably really cute because I have a theory that a lot of super cute guys are kind of lame.

This guy seemed to pull some stream-of-consciousness shit and literally just typed exactly what he's thinking.

But this guy was able to match my wit I like to open with spunky conversation starters, especially ones that rhyme. It's the writer in me.)Clearly, this guy didn't disappoint.

It’s quite simple really; if he’s prepared to cheat to be with you, then won’t he prepare to cheat on you too? The too quick to love you man Let’s be honest; love at first sight is rare, except in the movies.

If a guy is too quick to say ‘I love you’, then there is a good chance that these words don’t mean that much to him, as perhaps they do to you.

Be careful with the ‘too quick to love you man’ or you could find yourself with a broken heart.9.

Peter Pan man The man that still looks like a teenager, and acts like a boy, may never really grow up at all.

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  1. We are so grateful to you, Lindsey, for bringing this to our attention. Bumble was founded on the core values of kindness, respect, integrity and equality, and we do not tolerate anyone who does not uphold these values on our platform.