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As much as information is power, it is also a demon. Instead: Take a break from social media or do a cleanse.Use the time to unfollow or unfriend those people who may not really be contributing to your happiness.Please find NYSE Group Corporate Actions sample data here The NYSE Group Ex-Date Corporate Actions report distributes a complete listing of corporate actions (dividends, stock splits, spin-offs and so forth) where “ex-date” = T 2 (two trading days in advance).The file, created by the end of the day, is available in Text, Microsoft Excel and XML formats and can be delivered by email, FTP, or downloaded from our website (HTTP).It doesn’t necessarily matter what you do, but the extra energy that you get from your emotions can be an amazing power source that you use otherwise.When you devote time and effort to someone, it is okay to be sad when they move on and give to someone else want you possibly wanted.

Exercise your body by taking a class or watching some You Tube videos of easy workouts you can do from home.

Hooking up with someone may distract you from whatever you are feeling now, but it probably won’t help in the long run. Unless you genuinely care for the person and want to have fun or be with them, it won’t do you or them any justice to just mess around.

And even if you do find someone that you want to be with, make sure you feel that you are ready for a new relationship and not to rush into things.

Emily*, a senior at Framingham State University, says, "I was getting ready to finally enter a new relationship with someone I felt a true connection with.

And once I realized that I had that new person and my ex had moved on, I felt that it was okay to officially move on myself." Instead: Spend time with the important people who are already in your life.

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