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Progress MS-08 carried 1,390 kg of dry cargo, 890 kg of refuelling propellant, 420 kg of water, and 46 kg of compressed oxygen, for a total 2,746 kg cargo, bringing the loaded spacecraft mass at liftoff to about 7,280 kg.

CZ-3B/YZ-1 Orbits Beidou 3M Duo China's Chang Zheng 3B (CZ-3B) orbited two Beidou 3M navigation satellites from Xichang Satellite Launch Center on February 12, 2018. The satellites were designated Beidou 3 MEO 3 and MEO 4.

It will provide radar imaging for Spain's military and for commercial customers.

The two Space X satellites, named Microsat 2a and 2b, were to be deployed later, after the Space X webcast of the launch ended.

F9-50 was topped by the first "Fairing 2.0", a slightly enlarged payload fairing that was equipped with recovery systems, including thursters, a guidance system, and a parafoil.

Space X deployed a specially equipped ship maned Mr.

If the original launch date had held, Progress MS-08 would have attempted a rapid, 3.5 hour ascent to rendezvous with ISS.

The two-day delay forced use of the time-honored two-day ascent.

Liftoff from Space Launch Complex 41 took place at UTC.All three were used Block 3 stages performing their second launch.It was the ninth flight of a previously-flown Falcon 9 first stage, three of which have been purposefully expended during their second flights.A brief first stage engine firing, with the second stage, but no payloads, attached, took place at SLC 4E on February 11.An initial launch attempt was scrubbed due to high winds on February 21.

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