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If someone had to said to me then that now, we would all be friends and our new blended family actually would seem more stable and happy than any of our previous situations, I simply wouldn’t have believed it.The last thing I ever expected to happen in my life was that I would break up from the father of my child.My parents are still happily married after 42 years, and I always imagined my own relationship would emulate theirs.I wanted to be able to give my children the sense of stability and security their stable and unfailing relationship had given me. There was no one disastrous event in our relationship, but as time went on, it became clear we didn’t really have that much in common.To Ed’s ex Sally, I was the scarlet woman who had stolen her man and she made her feelings perfectly clear.To my ex Stephen and his family, I was the harridan who had moved his daughter halfway across the country from Swansea to Hull.Ed and I had not had an affair as she suspected, but I understood how Sally was feeling and I felt overwhelmed by guilt.I knew from what I’d been through with Stephen how terrifying it is to suddenly realise you’re going to be a single mother and that Sally was frightened for her own future and that of her child.

As we all attempted to negotiate the minefield of ex partners, new relationships and step parenting, it was hard to believe a happy ending was truly possible - for any of us.

The only way to have described my life a year and a half ago was as a living hell.

I had recently split from Stephen the father of my daughter Lucy, 6, and following a difficult and protracted break up, I’d moved back home to live with my parents.

He, like me, had also recently returned to the area, but with his then partner Sally and their six month old son Ben.

I was thrilled when I heard Ed was around, simply because I thought it would be nice to have someone I already knew to spend time with.

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With all that I’d been through, meeting another man was the last thing on my mind.

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