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A handbook for the CAM was prepared by Dogan Paktunc.

It was accepted by the IMA council in Davos (July 2009).

It was held in 2008 (24-28 March) at Universidad Catolica del Peru in Lima, Peru and feature an overview of optical and electron microscopy, image analysis and case studies in process mineralogy.

Next ICAM meeting will be held 1-5 August 2011 in Trondheim, Norway.

Following the meeting, a steering committee was created to oversee the follow-up activities.

With the establishment of a new subcommission on geometallurgy, CAM plans to lead and coordinate the development of reference and standard materials for quantitative mineralogy and geometallurgy.

With the appointment of two new members onto the committee who are both based in the southern hemisphere, CAM also intends to try and extend its influence and activities into Australia and South Africa where geometallurgy and process mineralogy are thriving in collaboration with the mining and mineral processing industries.

Maarten Broekmans who is CAM’s sub-commission chair on building materials will serve as the chair of the scientific committee and editor in chief.

The official congress website ( was launched and first official circular for ICAM 2011 was distributed in November 2009. The short course proposed by Broekmans and approved by the MSA, will comprise a 2-day workshop titled "Applied mineralogy of cement and concrete". Short course notes to be published in Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry series. Post-ICAM conference excursion destinations ( 4) also to be selected by scientific committee.

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