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In November of 2011, comedian James Lawson recieved a VRC-40 Rawhides medal for his outstanding performance at the Norfolk, Va. My show comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you don't love it!

This mutt with papers brings an original animated style to the stage that can go from breezy to vivacious. fasten your restraints and keep all moving parts inside as Comedian Zenneth Nevers keeps you facing forward and in an upright position on his roller coaster of a life This Motivational Speaker / Comedian born in Chicago but Florida raised, takes you on an unquestionable...

My material is universal and I can customize jokes for any event!

I've performed for every kind of group you can...

Lucy performs her famous "Vitameatavegamin" commercial and reenacts the entire "Gone With The Wind" movie in 8 minutes. SID DAVIS IS FUNNY AND ENGAGING He tell stories that are related to being a person making their way as a parent or a kid. SID DAVIS IS SAFE There is no politics, preaching or vulgarity; however he does not put on a milk and cookies show. Jamie has had the good fortune to build this professional resume while still both young in age and at heart.

A "Ricky" or "Ethel" volunteer from the audience does a hilarious scene with Lucy. He is a regular guest on nationally syndicated radio shows and frequently appears on television as a humorist.

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