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So when you try to install the older stable version, the last profile data and this one will not be compatible.

So its best to back up your Chrome Profile to a separate folder, export bookmarks, backup extensions before downgrading to an older version. It will be ---Program Files (x86)---- and you can find this on the drive where your OS is installed. You will find 2 different files out there: Though I don't have a Mac, I'm writing this using information from @for the use of US counterparts, majority of them using OS X.

At this point, the stable channel profile data will be compatible with the earlier beta or non-stable channel profile data of the same version.

Now you can turn on the automatic updates again, using the following command.

But the newer version will leave some profile information on your computer.The Google Play Store already received a half-makeover, and now Google is testing out the new design on its Chrome Beta app.While it's not the official standard release Chrome, it's likely that Google's getting some practice in before the real thing arrives, just to work out some of the kinks.Read More :- But suppose in this play of mischief, you found out that certain features are not working with the Dev or Beta version, what do you do?There are many ways by which you can fulfill this task.

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Now you need to create a new user profile using this thread. Also as a major note, never access the About Google Chrome which you used to find the version number.

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