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It was in Louisville that Nicole Scherzinger began performing, attending the Youth Performing Arts School at Du Pont Manual High School.She was the first runner-up at the 1996 Kentucky State Fair's talent contest.It's thought that the friends became "extremely close" after Nicole confided in Ed and admitted that his music had helped her."They were showbiz friends who saw each other on the scene," Nicole's friend told .A few days after his sell-out performances, Ed and Nicole were also spotted enjoying drinks at Ed's local pub in Suffolk.Nicole Scherzinger is said to have listened to Ed Sheeran's songs "on loop" after her split from Lewis Hamilton Nicole, who split from her on-off boyfriend Lewis Hamilton in February, is also said to have found comfort in Ed's music while she was going through her break-up.

Their 2001 single 'Get Over Yourself (Goodbye)' hit number one in the US sales charts and as a result, Eden's Crush supported Jessica Simpson and *NSync on tour.One of her tracks, 'Breakfast in Bed' was used on the soundtrack to 50 First Dates, starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore.Nicole Scherzinger joined the burlesque troupe the Pussycat Dolls, as they were being re-moulded as recording artists.She kept saying that." Nicole and Ed visited the Brit's local pub in Suffolk back in July The pair seemed happy to pose for a photo with barman Isaac Chapman, who uploaded a snap of himself and the famous musicians on Twitter."Great meeting @edsheeran and @Nicole Scherzy," he captioned the photo dated 15 July.

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