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" /The show sends the message that, in the spirit of cutting down a dating pool, it's perfectly fine to judge women on appearances alone.Women are also asked to wear revealing uniforms and do pseudo-demeaning things that are expressly designed to show off their bodies.“I’ve never heard other races complaining about their men dating outside of their race besides black people,” Ochocinco said.“I hate that we continue to pull that race card.”Ochocinco said he could understand where black women were coming from, although he stood by his decision to choose women based on his own “preference.” And what’s his preference?The football star finished the series in fourth place.

There's also some kissing, along with skimpy outfits and suggestive talk, and alcohol plays a big role in some girls' partying.

He showcases both in our candid conversation that runs a gamut of subjects from Bill Belichick’s movie doppelganger to Johnny Manziel’s future. Almost every year they get to the playoffs and at some point they’re going to crack that door, get past the first round and before you know it they’ll be playing for the chip.

Parents need to know that although this VH1 reality series is a bit tamer than a lot of other dating competitions on TV, it's still not a great choice for older teens.

Once the show gets going, Ochocinco actually reveals himself to be a pretty good guy who doesn't drink, rejects the party lifestyle, and seems to want women who are more than just bimbos.

But his willingness to let the female contestants be objectified in his name stands out against his better qualities.

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Tuesday that he's losing the "Ochocinco" and plans to legally go back to his former last name, Johnson.

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