Rex burkhead dating hannah werth

The House has been newly planned and refurnished throughout.

Having purchased the well-known Thousand Island House, which has been out of my hands for the last twelve years, I shall be glad to see my old friends, as well as new, and will try to treat them well.

^ Laces, Rich Velvets, Oriental Rugs, and a host of Useful and Ornamental Articles neces- sary to complete the home or the Toilet of the Woman of the Day.

Here you'll THE CHOICEST DESIGNS In Millinery, Superb Silks and Dress Goods, Delicate .

Chase 303 Raphael de Zavas 303 " Marius de Zavas 303 " H.

Daniel Torrance 383 *' iralibuitou Falcs 385 Rolx Mt (\ Sands 385 Miftses Sands 387 Mrs.

WATER GAP HODSE Two and three-quarter hours from New York, D.

Bieliee ail Ontario Narlptioi Comaiiy "NIAGARA TO THE SEA" The Finest Inland Water Trip in the World Steamers leave Toronto, calling at Charlotte (Port of Rochester), Kingston, Gauanoque, Clayton, Alexandria Bay,, N. , passing through the Thousand Islands and down all the rapids of the St. situated on the southern coast of the beautiful island, is generally acknowledged to be the most healthful of the maoy resorts near New York, and cooler by ten degrees, than any other seaside re«ort. 101 Fort Washington 756 Fourth avenue 103 Franklin avenue 104 Fuiton avenue ... Nicholas place 170 Second avenue 170 Seventh avenue 171 Sixth avenue 179 Southern Boulevard 180 Spuyten Duyvil 762 Sutton place 181 Sylvan terrace 182 Third avenue 182 Tinten avenue 182 Tremont avenue 185 Trinity avenue 186 Union avenue 187 Union Square 189 University place 189 Wadsworth avenue 189 Wakefield ' 762 Walton avenue 189 Washington avenue 190 Washington place 195 W'ashington Square 196 Waverly place 197 \Vebster avenue 199 Westchester avenue 200 West End avenue 201 West Farms 763 Williamsbridge 764 Willis avenue 210 Woodlawn Heights 765 LONG ISLAND. 754 Beekman place 63 Belmont avenue 63 Boston road 64 Broadway 65 Bronxville 755 Brook avenue 79 Brown place 80 Cauldwell avenue 80 Central Park, South 86 Central Park, West 82 Chelsea Square 87 Columbus avenue 88 Convent avenue 96 Convent Hill 97 Courtlandt avenue 97 Edgecombe avenue 98 Elton avenue 100 Fifth avenue 1 Fletcher place 101 Forest avenue . Ten Degrees Cooler than Any Other Spot on the Atlantic. A kindergarten provides pleas- ure for the children. NEW YORK When you are up this way, will you call in and see our wonderful line of antiques, andirons, fenders, fire-sets, lamps, candelabras, Russian hammered brass, copper vases, jardiniers and bric-a-brac, which we have for sale at lowest prices. Sold in light and dark qualities by leading Grocers, Res- taurants and Cafes, or delivered upon request by THE PREFERRBEER COMPANY 236 East 4-7th Street, - - New York fi Er URN IN Ft V£ DAYS THE NEW COLUMBIA WAREHOUSE 90th Street and Amsterdam Avenue OPENS JUNE 25th, 1900 THE HOSIER SAFE CO. Drop a card to nearest branch & The Correct Domestic Finish (Copyrighted), we will call for your goods. HERSON Telephone Call, 2530 Spring ACHILLE BATAILLE & CO. BANK STREET M E7\A/ Vi^DIZ Take Sth Avenue Car IN t W Y n t\ WINE BOTTLE^ RACKS M^HY K. PAGE Sea Side 800 Stapleton 801 Tompkinsville 802 Tottenville 802 West New Brighton 803 TOWNS AND VILLAGES IN NEW YORK. E East Orange 848 Elizabeth 859 Englewood 862 Fairview 863 Fan wood 8^7l Highwood 874 Hoboken 875 Irvington 883 INDEX. Its verandas, unique in their amplitude, being eleven hundred feet in length, and from twenty-tive to fifty feet in width, invite to repose and the enjoyment of quiet recreation. New Amsterdain Antique Shop 408 Fourth Avenue Between 28th and 29th Streets. - NEW YORK ^^A delightful beverage and a perfect tonic J^ "Oyi Ip^r FERRUei NEUSE X\^ IRON A delicious beer containing iron which cannot be distin- guished in taste from other beers of the highest class. 77th and 78th Sts.; 2055 Lexington Ave., nr 125th St. Park) 772 Westbury 794 Whitestone 794 Win field 794 Wood haven 795 Woodside 795 ISLAND.

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FOR SALE AT ALL NEWS STANDS or send order to 77/ E MAIL AND EXP/^ESS 203 Broadway, Ncv.- York DROP US A POSTAL Ti.

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