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Mickie James vs Beth Pheonix RAW 14/4/08 was the first time the women's champion changed hands in the UK75.Candice Michelle was the first Diva search contestant to win a championship76. Stacy Keibler & Torrie Wilson are best friends in real life80.

Candice Michelle and Melina feuded in real life constantly bashing each other on their blogs, which got translated in storyline. (They are friends now however)31.

Lita has been the diva to compete in the most RAW main events (5)67.

The pretty mean sisters (Jacqueline, Ryan Shamrock & Terri Runnels) & The Vinces devils (Torrie, Candice & Victoria) & The BFF's (Summer Rae, Charlotte Flair & Sasha Banks) are the only diva factions ever68.

Sable vs Luna Vachon in 1999 was the first ever divas strap match63. J Lee, Natalya and Kelly Kelly are the only divas to make a wish so far64. J Lee & Kaitlyn was the first ever diva contract signing65.

Trish Stratus holds the most wrestling title wins in the WORLD so far with 8 winning the women's 7 times and the hardcore belt 1time66.

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Shelly Martinez was fired from ECW due to heat and arguments with Batista backstage after sticking up for her very good friend backstage who was verbally abused by Batista in front of other talents.95. Apparently The Bella Twins enjoy to be peed on (If this is true wait wat!? Kharma/Awesome Kong stated she Rhaka Khan was a "B! tch ho who needed to pay her aunt for baby sitting her damn kid! On the You Shoot Ho Bag Missy Hyatt was put inside every time 119. Melina declined a Playboy offer during her run in WWE139.

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