Thunderbird rss feeds stopped updating

This time, rather than using a source tarball as the basis for installation we are going to take the code straight from the Odoo 8.0 branch on Github.This should help when it comes to installing updates and bug fixes in the future by being able to issue a to add a degree of brute-force attack protection.Many thanks to Ruben Kannan for pointing this out :-). The above commands make the file owned and writeable only by the odoo user and group and only readable by odoo and root.UPDATE & NOTE II: Zak suggests an alternative method to get and install the most recent version of wkhtmltopdf in this comment below. UPDATE & NOTE III: David suggested adding python-cups and python-geoip to the list of modules to install in this comment below. To allow the odoo server to run initially, you should only need to change two lines in this file.There are other protection applications available: I’m not saying this one is the best, but it’s one that works and is easy to configure and manage.If you don’t already, it’s also worth looking at setting up key-based ssh access, rather than relying on passwords.By default this password is just “admin” and knowing that, a user can create, backup, restore and drop databases!

In Ubuntu, a system user gets a UID below 1000, has no shell (it’s actually , this is where the Open ERP server code will reside and is created automatically by the command above.

For the final step we need to install a script which will be used to start-up and shut down the server automatically and also run the application as the correct user.

There is a script you can use in but this will need a few small modifications to work with the system installed the way I have described above.

Toward to the top of the file change the line If you end up with a few lines eventually saying Open ERP (Yes.

The log still says Open ERP and not Odoo) is running and waiting for connections then you are all set.

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The location of the server code is your choice of course, but be aware that some of the instructions and configuration files below may need to be altered if you decide to install to a different location.

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