Turbo lister not updating store categories s dating ru

Support program: Add warning and info message boxes for Revert.

Support program: Ignore lock file when Listomax died on this machine.

Package type validation could be incorrect on relist. Avoid over-writing lock file when in use by another program.

Show changed picture when replacing inventory pictures. Support program: Add capability of selecting backup file. Support program: Disable location button when DB in use. Show correct image after deleting an image from inventory. Treat list request for a listed item as a revise request (with prompt.) Add support for Best Offer.

Shade the background of empty Return Policy options to indicate not required.

When revising a listing with quantity 1, ask for quantity on hand. When revising item, include image changes made to stock item.

Don't prompt registered user with own hosting to renew.

Change URL for viewing listing so lines are not cramped.

Country code set wrongly on reauthorisation, should be GB not UK.

Shorten the housekeeping needed before deleting inventory. Add option to disable item specifics caching for a session. Fix "Clean Green" template layout problem when no gallery in use. Fix potential crash when deleting multiple stock items. Avoid "missing Pay Pal" message when first listing. Stop warning message 12518 : Insurance option has been turned off.

Fix problem of categories being larger than maximum integer. Roll back e Bay compatibility level to avoid e Bay item specifics failure. Fix Turbo Lister import problem with Buyer Requirement Details. Show value of item specifics when set for a listing.

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Avoid (harmless) 21919136 error when getting e Bay fees.

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