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Enter current password for root (enter for none): OK, successfully used password, moving on... By default, a Maria DB installation has an anonymous user, allowing anyone to log into Maria DB without having to have a user account created for them.

I can only see automatic upgrades adding to trouble and pain when it comes to changing/patching database schema without warning!

On a system that can't handle it well or has been set up differently (partitioning, etc) db patches can take a long time or not take everything involved into account.

If they fail (not necessarily the patch being broken - the server loses power, the zabbix binary could be ^C'd if a user thinks it's taking a long time because it's broken, etc) the patch will fry the database.

Also the automatic approach makes upgrade of proxies (say, you have hundreds of them) much easier.

I believe packagers will also appreciate it, the upgrade to a new major release is no longer a pain and could be done by updating RPM/DEB packages in automatic fashion. - brief note on the new upgrade procedure Martins Valkovskis CLOSED. - brief note on the new upgrade procedure Martins Valkovskis CLOSED. CLOSED (6) said "Procedure for adding new DB patches must be added to developer documentation." - that seems to be missing should go either in or Aleksandrs Saveljevs Documented at . Alexander Vladishev please describe how to update php scheme $ php create/bin/gen_$ cp create/src/php frontends/php/include/ REOPENED Aleksandrs Saveljevs Thank you! (Note that I have not figured out how to create code snippets that span several lines.) RESOLVED. Unfortunately, the C patch example is back to one line. Aleksandrs Saveljevs A solution might be to use HTML tags, rather than Wiki markup: Editing_FAQ#Q:_Can_I_put_preformatted_text_inside_a_numbered_list.3F .

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