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Since Cross Fit Combines resistance and endurance training, it has the potential to negatively affect strength development.

More or less it throws things a little off balance, so you can gain a greater amount of explosive strength versus maximum strength (something referred to as "interference effect"), the researchers say.

In terms of body fat, 23.1 percent of the men were classified as “average,” 34.6 percent “good,” 19.2 percent “very good,” and 23.1 percent as “excellent.” From a physical standpoint, there weren't any major differences between groups.

All the men completed the same fitness tests, in a randomized order, with at least 48 hours of recovery in between: 1) Pullups (to measure relative strength of upper body) 2) Shuttle Run over 40 meters—run between two 20-meter lines, guided by an auditory signal, getting faster, and repeating until exhaustion—(to measure endurance and estimate VO2 max)3) Countermovement Jump—from standing, hinge at the waist, bend knees, while keeping hands on hips, then immediately jump up for height—(to measure lower-body explosiveness) *A 15-minute warmup with 10 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise and 5 min of calisthenics was performed before pullups and countermovement jump.

POLICY – A prudent and wise principle that governs the management of Special Olympics Virginia.

Policy is set by the Board of Directors of Special Olympics Virginia.

The Results For the most part, the men didn't have significant differences in performance in regards to muscle strength (i.e. Weightlifters hit 35.85cm (give or take 7cm) while Cross Fitters hit 41.1cm (give or take 7.7cm).

The 11 races series was fought out over 4 days, hosted at Yachting Club de la Pointe Rouge.

Davis (Charlotte, North Carolina), who trains with Run U Xpress, a club coached by Olympic bronze medalist Bershawn Jackson, shattered the national record in the girls’ 13-14 400m at USATF Hershey National Junior Olympics Track and Field Championships.

Davis’ time of 52.54 broke Brandi Cross’ record from 2002 and is the world’s fastest ever by a 13-year-old.

The document, approved by the Board of Directors, becomes the operative policy document of SOVA and may be amended only by Board action.

To clarify the meaning of the words policy and standard, the following definitions should be used.

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Adopted June 2014 return to top Standard 1: Athlete eligibility Special Olympics training and competition is open to every person with an intellectual disability (mental retardation or closely related cognitive delay) who is at least eight years of age.

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