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Euthanasia, suicide and assisted suicide are strictly forbidden by Jewish law.The Talmud states that you may not even move a dying person's arms if that would shorten his life.After a person dies, the eyes are closed, the body is laid on the floor and covered, and candles are lit next to the body.The body is never left alone until after burial, as a sign of respect.Why not try searching for a particular member, using their username, at our Name Search page, or alternatively - try searching again with more general search criteria through our Refine search page, you never know who you might find! The Talmud notes that all people are descended from a single person, thus taking a single life is like destroying an entire world, and saving a single life is like saving an entire world.They are permitted, however, where it may save a life or where local law requires it.

For this reason, a kohein may not be in the presence of a corpse.

Mourning practices in Judaism are extensive, but they are not an expression of fear or distaste for death.

Jewish practices relating to death and mourning have two purposes: to show respect for the dead (kavod ha-met), and to comfort the living (nihum avelim), who will miss the deceased.

The body is wrapped in a tallit with its tzitzit rendered invalid.

The body is not embalmed, and no organs or fluids may be removed. Coffins are not required, but if they are used, they must have holes drilled in them so the body comes in contact with the earth.

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However, where death is imminent and certain, and the patient is suffering, Jewish law does permit one to cease artificially prolonging life.

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