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Bill Gates and Steve Jobs had a famously stormy rivalry from the 1980s onward, forged as both titans sought to best one another in the tech world. The daughters of both famed tech moguls — 21-year-old Jennifer Gates and 19-year-old Eve Jobs — are competitors in the world of horseback riding.

Like Jobs, Gates has fared quite well in the sport, even raking in thousands of dollars in prize money.

Bill Gates (pictured) has joined Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking in warning that AI poses a threat to humanity.

In an AMA on Reddit he said he is 'concerned about super intelligence'.

But whether or not he can hold on to the title of world's richest man, the 79-year-old's fortunes are blossoming as Inditex shares have risen nearly 40 percent this year.

The wireless headset, called Holo Lens (shown), can project 3D images into the wearer's field of view - making it appear as if screens, games and even people are in front of them An artist's impression of the Holo Lens being used is shown here.And he said he doesn't understand why some people are not concerned.He also revealed Microsoft was working on a virtual 'Personal Agent''But there are other ways of making people smile, some of which are not-so benevolent.Within a few years he had set up a workshop making nightgowns, lingerie and babywear, and the first Zara opened in Spain in 1975.Ortega never gives interviews and is rarely photographed.

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Ortega has turned Zara into a byword in chic for the money-conscious, transforming the apparel business with its "fast fashion" model.

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