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Marriages are brief, long, healthy, dysfunctional, intense, remote. Do not assume we go through the outlined grief process 'by the book.'7. Yes, we are sensitive in our grieving, but we'd rather hear you say, "I've been thinking of you," than make a 'conversation only' offer.

"We'll call you and we'll go out to dinner." — and then not follow up.

Difficulties in the marital relationship can play a major role in the development of depressive illness.

Epidemiological data demonstrated that unhappy marriages were a potent risk factor for major depressive disorder, associated with a 25 fold increase relative to untroubled marriages in one major study from Yale, (Weissman MM. Another study found a 10-fold increase in risk for depressive symptoms associated with marital discord (O'Leary KD, et al.

In fact, some individuals who have healthy loving and giving marital relationships experience depressive illness caused by a number of factors unrelated to the marriage.

It is important for couples to realize that, while marital love is very powerful and comforting, it cannot fill a void in the heart left by a lack of warmth, affirmation or love in a parental relationship or in important previous relationships.

She stated, "The more hostile and anti-social behaviors exhibited by husbands, the more depressed their wives were after three years." Her research also showed that warm,positive behavior from husbands lessened the negative impact of their hostile behavior.

Loneliness can play a major role in the development of depressive illness.

Proulx's 2009 paper, Moderators of the link between marital hostility and change in spouses' depressive symptoms, demonstrated spousal anger as a contributing factor to depressive illness in the other spouse.Grief Recovery Tools, suggestions, and tips for recovering from the death of your spouse. My wife Deb died of cervical cancer in March of '06, leaving me with a 2-year old son. Do refer to our spouse's acts or words - serious or humorous. Welcome to those who find themselves members of a club they never wanted to join. Since then, I have read much and grieved much and shared much, and I'm now at the point where I can start to give back and help other widows and widowers. I have always wondered what I would say to someone that now finds themselves bereaved, something that would be helpful, not hindering. We are so comforted by knowing our spouse has not been forgotten. But then I wasn't really there for him anyway — I went more to grieve for myself in a place where it would be acceptable for me to cry publicly (which I did from the moment I walked in the door ;-). Anyway, as soon as I saw this article, I knew I needed to post it so others could benefit, as well as myself.

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You might even want to print it out and send it to people you know. 7 tips to help a widow/widower This really helped me the first few times I felt abandoned by family/friends/church members who had insisted they would be there for me..then a couple of months later...

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