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While this date is far more recent than those assigned by many earlier Egyptologists, it is still too far back in time to reflect biblical history.The dates assigned to these ancient times depend heavily on the many assumptions used to infer them.Previously assigned dates were used to narrow the focus of each radiocarbon test, for even if all the assumptions underlying interpretation of radiocarbon tests were verifiably accurate, results are not exact.9 The Royal Tombs at Abydos are associated with Egypt’s First Dynasty.Many bits of organic material carbon-dated in the latest study of Egypt’s First Dynasty originally came from these tombs.“Trying to understand what happened in human history to lead people to establish this sort of polity we felt was a gap in understanding that needed to be filled.”1 Before the mid-twentieth century, Egyptologists came up with dates for Egyptian unification ranging from 5500 BC to 2000 BC.Since then, the average date assigned has been around 3100 BC.2 Dee’s study fits with this trend.

“A lot of the stuff is not is [sic] particularly beautiful,” Dee said.Much progress revising Egyptian chronology has come from comparisons with other ancient cultures.The new study brings radiocarbon dating to the table.No result for the Pre-Dynastic periods older than 6500 BC or more recent than 2000 BC was included.Ignoring Egypt’s unifier Menes (aka Narmer, possibly), Aha—the first “official” pharaoh—acceded to the throne, the investigators concluded, around 3100 BC.

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Image by Michael Dee, via NBC.10 The investigators statistically compared the results of radiocarbon testing on 74 new and 112 old specimens from Egypt’s Pre-Dynastic periods and First Dynasty with all the other archaeological data collected on those materials.

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