Does consolidating credit card debt mean

They’ll leave you on the hook for late fees and additional interest payments on debt they promised to help you pay!

Debt settlement is a scam, and any debt relief company that charges you before they actually settle or reduce your debt is in violation of the Federal Trade Commission.

When you track it and see improvement it will motivate you to spend less and to pay down your debt faster.

Look at all the ways you spend money and cut your expenses to no more than 90% of your income. If you can save 10 bucks a day that will add up to $ 300.00 a month that can be applied to that credit card debt. Make a list of each credit card, car payment and others showing the balance you owe and update it on the last day of each month.Even if you qualify for a loan with low interest, there’s no guarantee the rate will stay low.But let’s be honest: Your interest rate isn’t the main problem. This specifically applies to consolidating debt through credit card balance transfers.When you consolidate your debts or work with a debt settlement company, you’ll only treat the symptoms of your money problems and never get to the core of why you have issues in the first place.You don’t need to consolidate your bills—you need to delete them.

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