Downdating women

This also meaning that there has not been intercourse- and it was made clear that there would not be, prior to messing around?

Would you see that girl as "easy", for taking things even that far on a second date? Yes, I would say it might mess with the guys head a bit........

The idea that women are either easy or hard to get must assume the man is trying to get them.

When he isn't, then it just comes down to whether the woman likes sex sooner, or later, if at all. I think of someone as easy a person who would do something with just anyone, and no control over themselves.

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Hey Guys, Just wondering how you view a girl if she gives you oral sex, on say, date two?

It just makes more clear that she goes around and blows everyone to make them happy without sex...

Do what is right for you if giving a blow job is right for you then do it...he thinks your skank because of it then he is not for you...simple!

Just to be clear, Down-Dating is not like when one of you is an opera singer and the other is a garbage collector but you’re blissfully happy together, compatible and who gives a damn about any discrepancy in income/status?

Or was there a particular transit in which you became a Down-Dater?

Well, I'm with the crowd that thinks..........'if she's doing this with me on date 2, she's doing it with everyone she has a second date with'...................may be OK with that, he may not.

You'll know he wasn't though when there's no date 3 and you've just sucked him off...........feels good don't it!

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Hey Guys, Just wondering how you view a girl if she gives you oral sex, on say, date two? That says that the woman enjoys sex, pursues it, could give a crap what the protocol is on these matters, really digs me, is turned on by me, is horny, and is open-minded and fun!

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