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Dating in “Persona 4” is primarily represented by the Social Link stat between the protagonist and a female party member.

A high Social Link stat grants extra abilities to the party member.

If you'd like to know how to max out your relationship with Ann Takamaki, read on for tips on how to do so.

According to , as with any confidant, you should make sure you have a Persona from the same arcana as the confidant you're trying to level up.

You’ll need Guts Rank 2 to continue the relationship, and then Charm Rank 4 to make it past Rank 8.

At this point, you start dating her unless you choose the speech option to refuse her love.Any situation where you select a friend from a list improves the Social Link stat with the friend that is selected.Agree to go with Yukiko whenever she calls you at home. When the protagonist first meets her, she is meek and often isolated from many of her peers.Because of Kamoshida’s rumours, she withdrew to herself with only one friend: Shiho.

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