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A STRING QUARTET at the side of the little altar plays Dvorak's American Quartet. This.perfect country chapel with a dozen or so rows of pews is bedecked with flowers and lit by candles. OUISA But he is always short of cash because his government won't let its people -- FLAN Its white people -- OUISA -- its white people take out any money. FLAN Seventy thousand workers in just one gold mine. FLAN The figure is superfluous OUISA turns to CONNIE. I mean, we needed two million and we hadn't seen Geoffrey in a long time and while Geoffrey might not have the price of a dinner he easily might have two million dollars. But the friend gets very touchy if you say one word: life boat. We were afraid our South African friend might say "You only love me for my.

OUISA We knew Geoffrey FLAN through our children when Geoffrey and his family all lived in New York. FLAN He was here in New York briefly on business and asked us to ask him for dinner.

SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION Written by John Guare April 1992 1 INT KITTREDGE'S APARTMENT LIVING ROOM DAWN JOHN FLANDERS KITTREDGE and LOUISA KITTREDGE ("FLAN" and "OUISA") , an attractive couple in their 40s, in their night clothes are in an uncharacteristic state of shock. The Fifth Avenue apartment, red and cozy, threadbare with the legacy of years of kids and dogs running in and out, is filled with beautiful objects chosen with care.

Some sort of horrible disaster has happened to them. Even though the apartment is 19th Century in feel, a lot of modern paintings hang on the walls.

FLAN We have to OUISA They're your friends FLAN I beg to differ. FLAN I think we could tell if someone else was here. The rain drumming outside and the distant thunder and the soft cool jazz playing makes the air of this room with the white wall, wherever it is, claustrophobic, even erotic.

OUISA (WHISPERS) You don't call out Hello unless-- THEY walk softly to the dark hall. INT THE WHITE WALL SOMEWHERE ELSE We don't know where we are yet but it's certainly not the KITTREDGE'S.

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