Updating heating baseboards

I did not want to bother with programming, I just wanted to set the temperature and forget about it. Best thermostat - 11/25/2013 Reviewer: RANDALL PENTICUFF Best ever thermostat for ceiling heat.Keeps entire house at the same temperature all the time.

Much better than the old bimetallic control that went 8 degrees or more out.The graduated heating has saved on electricity as well.- 11/14/2013 Reviewer: Leonard Ruscitto this thermostat is an excellant replacment for your old 4x7 inch 120 240 volt electric baseboard heaters.because of its more accurate ditgital read out and electronic circiut board in side the unit Ordering a large quantity?Rehabbing an existing water or steam distribution system during your older home renovation involves checking all supply and return piping for rust or leaks.Defective piping should be replaced, and any piping which passes through unconditioned space should be insulated.

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The Slimline™ panels are constructed with only the highest quality materials. The baseboard panels only stand 7 3/8” high and extend only 2 11/16” out from the wall when set in flush against it.

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