Who is new york tiffany dating now

"There was nothing anybody could do about it." When asked what the "unfortunate event" was, Pollard said, "Things just had to fall the way they fall." Some have wondered if the incident was linked to , Pollard said she was no longer involved with the project.

"That show was presented to me by a smaller production company and it looked like we were going to do it for a while.

Tiffany Pollard is paid quite well from the super hit television shows that she is working with.

Some sources reveal that Tiffany Pollard has an estimated net worth of around 0 thousand.

But what makes this dating competition even better is that it's gonna be about New York's most fabulous fan base: The Gays!!!

Each episode, two exes will battle it out for three newcomers' affection…

Her break into reality TV came when she was a feisty finalist on VH1 series Flavor of Love, a show which gained her well-earned adoration and a committed following.

Gest did die in April 2016 in his London hotel, according to in 2015 that she's still totally into him. not to long ago," she said when asked if she'd seen him recently.

Pollard wanted to remedy her "jacked up" boob job, adding that country starlet Dolly Parton was the inspiration for her breast implants.

Addressing her bosom with the bluntness that made her a reality star, Pollard dominated the episode.

But while Season 1 relied on those three standout castmembers to make a splash, the Season 2 cast already seems more famous and even single-r!

We're happy to report that Tiffany "New York" Pollard, sometime this season… Video: New York's David Bowie/David Gest Mix-Up Is Reality TV Gold!

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